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About TPG

Our Story

Laura Pankonien began her career managing public relations projects for corporate, nonprofit and political clients, all the while maintaining her passion for good design. She left her public relations career to raise her two young children and during that time, she was given the opportunity to put her favorite hobby to good use. Laura was able to renovate and decorate her personal spaces and, in 2004, built her first home. Thus, her new career as a general contractor and interior designer was born.

Laura manages all interactions with the subcontractors for both construction and interior design projects. During initial client meetings, she can help you determine the scope of your project and outline a plan of action. Moving forward, she will act as your liaison during construction and architectural planning meetings. Laura provides an added service to construction clients who may not have the desire, or budget, to hire an outside interior design consultant by coordinating design selections, space planning and lighting consultation.