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About The pankonien group

Since 2004, Laura Pankonien has been designing whole-home interiors and managing kitchen and bath renovations in the Austin area with her design + build firm, The Pankonien Group.

The TPG Team (from left): Kayla, Laura, and Ali

The TPG Team (from left): Kayla, Laura, and Ali

As Principal Designer, Laura oversees all aspects of the firm’s design + build projects. She enjoys the creative, project management, and problem solving aspects of the design business equally, and works closely with the TPG team to prioritize a smooth project experience for her clients above all else.  Laura’s timeless aesthetic and unique vision pair with her client’s inspiration to bring each of her spaces to life.

Laura is known for designing classic interiors, infusing her designs with modern touches of color and texture, and creating spaces that are the perfect reflection of her client’s personal style.  The Pankonien Group has completed projects throughout central and west Austin, as well as vacation homes for clients on the lakes near Austin, coastal New Jersey and Alys Beach, Florida.

Laura lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, son and daughter, and their dog, Charlie.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband, watching her son’s football games, hiking the greenbelt with her daughter, doing Pilates with friends, and searching for the perfect light for a client’s space.

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